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Goldfinch Entertainment


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Light & Dark is a 2D platformer game in its core. The main mechanic of the game is light manipulation. Most of the game is covered in darkness. By skilful use of light sources (flashlight, lantern, matches, etc.) the player will explore the world, search for clues, find items and fend off any threats that are encountered.

Light & Dark uses only two “colors”, black and white, to show the contrast between good and evil in its most basic form. The style itself took inspiration from many different sources like the dark gothic style of Tim Burton’s movies and the horror atmosphere of Neil Gaiman’s novels. The story is told from the perspective of Victoria Bloom, a young girl that visits her eccentric grandfather in his mansion in the woods like she does every year. When she reaches the mansion, strange things start to happen and she finds herself trapped in the maze-like mansion.

Watch the game trailer here and check out their web page!

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