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Games Boost is a unique marketing service for indie game developers, offering smart and focused game promotion packages in exchange for payment or profit share.

Games are a huge $100 billion industry that continues to grow year on year. Marketplace and game engine technology has become more widely accessible in recent years and has provided plentiful rewards along with new challenges. Discoverability is the biggest issue facing game developers today as the marketplace is crowded and so this can hinder potential success. However, the opportunities are very much available, and that is where Game Boost comes in.

With so many games (especially indie titles) hitting various platforms with little fanfare, it is hard to know what ones are worth playing in the little spare time that people have. That is why Game Boost is looking for top-notch original content with their Promo Pack program. If developers can create great content, Game Boost can help them promote it, take it to market and capitalise on it.

Game Boost will offer custom marketing plans, strategies and promotional packages for game creators that are finding it increasingly difficult to reach their audience. The Company feel that the real value is helping developers actually scale to the opportunity, helping developers promote the best products using the knowledge and expertise from existing releases.

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