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Brave Soldier Films will create, develop and produce a slate of unusual but commercially viable film projects by nurturing and working closely with new (and not so new) talent, their aim is to turn ‘obvious’ on its head, giving it a sharp but polished edge along the way.
The first film confirmed in the slate is #LondonBoys – an urban crime drama/ thriller about a boy from a poor background escapes his violent past when he goes to university, but returns home to the same troubles that he hoped he had left behind. #LondonBoys is a realistic backdrop of London as it stands today. Not the uber-glossy West End but at the same time, not an ultra-depressing ‘kitchen sink drama’ either – just a snapshot of what life is like for young people growing up in a society where they are condemned by their surroundings and lack of opportunities. 
Set in broken Britain, the story looks at young people’s thwarted potential. The premise here of Chris trying to move on from the mistakes of his past and start a new life, only to be held
back by people that don’t want to be left behind has a natural arc, which makes for an involving character journey. The film will have a very hip and modern look by incorporating the latest high-street fashion trends and popular music.
Writer: Nick Vasilli
Director: Gary Nurse
Producer: Lara Greenway
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