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Tasha, 16, is a strong-willed young girl who learns that her mother’s partner, Charlie, is not her real father. When her older sister, Jenny, tells Tasha of a man only referred to as ‘The Viking’ who appeared when Tasha was a baby, she becomes convinced this mysterious ‘Viking’ is her long-lost father and resolves to track him down.

As Tasha begins her quest to find her father on the ferry to Norway, life takes unexpected turns back home. Jenny has moved into her own flat, and the only son in the family, Danny, struggles with the prospect of becoming a father. Landing in Norway Tasha befriends Marta, a local girl who agrees to help her find her father. The adventure Tasha undergoes will, like the midnight sunshine of Norway, change the emotional landscape for the Robsons forever.

Bliss! is directed by Rita Osei and produced by GSP Studios and Sugar & Water Films.
Music is by Ivor Novello nominee Hélène Muddiman.
Starring Freya Parks, David Leon, Reece Noi, Monsterrat Lombard and Lars Arentz-Hansen.

Bliss! premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival and has screened at British & Irish Film Season, Luxembourg and Seville European Film Festival in 2016.

Awards – Nominated for Seville European Film Festival’s Europa Junior Award

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