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Following the success of Goldfinch XXXII – Adrenalynn Entertainment SEIS raise, Adrenalynn Entertainment 2 Limited (AEL2) has been formed to develop a new slate of three children’s animated TV/online series.

Adrenalynn Entertainment was founded by Greg Lynn and partner Tim Harper who collectively have over 50 years of experience and expertise within the entertainment industry for which both have received critical recognition from industry and peers alike.  The core of their success comes from creative flair, underpinned by passion, diligence and unending energy and enthusiasm. The Directors have an established global track record in the field of children’s IP, animation and brand creation.

Below are two projects that AEL2 have already identified and will be within the pipeline. They will also look to develop a third project that is yet to be identified:

China Girl

  • A multimedia brand encompassing pop music, animation, live and holographic concerts.
  •  Tween Girls aged 8 to 13 years
  • A modern day Pinocchio tale.

China Girl, the pop star and social media spokesperson for her generation, will begin life as a virtual girl living in a virtual world. Her ultimate dream is of being a real living person, mirroring the Pinocchio story.
China Girl passionately delivers a message – that life is the most precious gift of all – so encouraging children to fully appreciate this in an over dominant digital age. Once established, the next stage of her life will be realized through an animated series. Via the love, the views and likes of her audience, China Girl will grow closer to becoming a real girl. As her popularity grows, and when extreme public pressure determines, she will be eventually realized as a humanized girl, set free from the digital pixels that have hitherto restrained her. (At this point we audition girls to find our real China Girl and set her free into a market place where she is already established as a firm favourite with a huge following).

Much of China Girl’s work will be in the support of charities and good causes close to the hearts of her audience. We will win the lucrative advocacy of parents.

Using the many digital platforms, audiences will engage with China Girl online, via Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and most importantly her YouTube channel.

Income will be generated from live concerts, albums, commercial endorsements, merchandise and advertising campaigns. Japan and the Far East will be particularly lucrative markets.

Mr Macaroni

  • Preschool animation series
  • 52 x 11 mins
  • Hilarious Adventures of Imagination and Inventiveness.

Mr Macaroni is a man with two great passions – giving life to old junk, and solving other people’s problems. At one, he’s a genius (his hit rate at the other is not so good).

Mr Macaroni is the master of upcycling, make’n’do mending and crazy creative hackery – a little blue blend of Heath Robinson, Professor Brainstorm and Baron Munchausen. Every piece of junk is a potential life changing invention just waiting to be revealed, and every day is a new adventure. The whole city is their playground. And around every corner there’s a new set of characters, good, bad and bizarre.

Macaroni lives with his dog Noodles in a wrecked tugboat, on an island in the middle of a vast city junkyard. Like Crusoe and Friday, they live by their wits and their rummaging trips.

Sherbet, a cute adopted girl, makes up the trio. She lives and works across the street in the nearby laundry (in a Cinderella scenario), and when not folding folks’ smalls, ironing, and running endless errands for ungrateful adoptive ‘parents’, she makes the junkyard her second home – this is her escape to normality (if you can call Mr. Macaroni’s junkyard anything like ‘normal’)

With Macaroni’s ludicrous imagination even the most dented piece of garbage can become the ticket for a pretty freaky ride – a surreal romp through discovery, destruction, good deeds and chaos. His inventions and intentions are great…but so is his trail of calamity. (For Noodles and Sherbet, it’s all quite…tiring).

The Directors have established an existing business in 2014 – Adrenalynn Entertainment Limited (which is now open for EIS investment) which is developing kids animation and live action projects and have now launched an online digital project, “Sophie S and Darcy D” for which the Company is creating a series of online video blogs with a high profile television personality, Sophie Sumner, winner of America’s Next Top Model in 2012. The Directors have signed a deal with Maker Studios, the global leader in short form video content creation and promotion who have been recently acquired by Disney for $500million. To check out the YouTube channel, click here.

For more information about Adrenalynn Entertainment, check out their website here and their showreel here (password = adrenalynn)


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