Viridian FX Limited (Viridian) offers a wide range of high-end visual effects for film, TV and screen-based media. The experienced team’s work, from conceptualising and realising new visual realities to refining in-camera imagery, is supplemented by its unique, in-house, creative research and development. Based in the heart of York, Viridian FX is one of the leading VFX houses in the North of England.


About Viridian FX

The team at Viridian FX are passionate about their work. This passion finds expression in everything they do but is symbolised by the team’s development of two in-house films, both critically acclaimed, 100% green-screen productions. These films, which focus on the creation of abstract worlds as vehicles for inner psychological narratives, mean that, alongside CGI and compositing, Viridian FX have experience of all aspects of green screen and virtual production, from motion control, data acquisition, and site surveys through to lighting, shooting and live on-set compositing.

Viridian FX is not a typical VFX ‘shop’. Our experience is rooted in developing creative solutions from the earliest stages of pre-production in order to achieve ambitious results efficiently within ever decreasing budget restraints.

‘Invisible effects’ play an increasingly important role in recent times, adding production value to projects that otherwise would not have the resources to achieve them. Our team has a wealth of experience in set extensions, crowd replacement, matte paintings and cleanup work.

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