Harnessing and supporting first time Directorial and creative talent.


About First Flights

Goldfinch First Flights (GFF) is a Goldfinch Studios initiative to provide first-time Directors with the opportunity to create financially successful indie feature films and launch their international profiles as successful filmmakers.

First Flights will build a pool of young and emerging directorial talent which they will have a ‘stake’ in and can provide a reliable and brilliant source of projects to the Goldfinch Studios machine.

The corporate structure of Goldfinch Studios allows First Flights to provide a holistic experience for talent utilising all the businesses it encompasses; production, finance, facilities and sales.

From developing projects at an early treatment stage to moving projects through a fast-tracked production process – filmmakers can be given the support matching the demands of their production.

The current film and TV market is moving further and further towards being entirely talent driven.  This talent is seen to be primarily those on the screen (Actors and Actresses) and those in vital off-screen positions (mostly the Directors).  The move is a sign of the market not wishing, and not able to take risks on unknown or new talent. This has led to fewer alternatives for sales and distribution markets and their shift in requirements.

Thus, to bring through young Directorial talent, and also to keep hold of them, we see First Flights as being essential.  Giving first-time feature film Directors (with a strong pedigree in previous projects) both an opportunity and an ecosystem to support them, it will, in turn, provide us with the very best Directorial talent.  For a minimum of three films (on a first look deal basis), We will build a strong rapport and relationship over those projects so that they remain indebted and tied to us for far longer, and avoid us having to go to talent agencies to source them.

Additionally, in focusing on Directorial talent, this provides us with the key to unlock the other elements required to produce a film. A great Director will attract strong cast, sales agents and distributors will be interested, the production will run more smoothly, and the result is likely to exceed (rather than sometime widely miss) expectations.

And finally, we believe the future of companies in all modern industries, especially amongst the millennials is moving towards a culture of communities and tribes, sharing and support amongst each other. GFF aims to embrace this current view of operation into our vision, by creating a First Flights family culture allowing GFF to be both forward thinking in the use of technology and strategy to achieve success.

First Flights Team

Nick Sadler – Producer

Nick has worked as a Producer of Marketing and Distribution on feature films such as Pandorica, Redwood, Dark Beacon and Hi-Lo Joe.

Originally from the music industry, Nick co-founded Never Say Die Records, one of the most influential labels in the rise of the electronic music movement with sales of over 1 million records. With independent films following the music industry into a largely digital domain, it has been a natural progression to take his experience into the film industry.

By co-founding the industry-disrupting film company, The Film Label, Nick has brought his expertise from the fast-paced music label model and applied it to the indie film market. Every Film Label release has been written, produced, edited and brought to the big screen in under 12 months. The films have been selected for and won awards at festivals such as Frightfest, American Horror Film Festival and New York Film Festival.

Keith Kehoe  – Producer

Keith Kehoe is the Head of Development for Goldfinch Studios, a fully integrated group of companies involved in development, financing, production, post and distribution. Keith works across the slate moving projects through development in to production. His credits include Solis starring Steven Ogg, Mad to Be Normal starring David Tennant and Elisabeth Moss, and That Good Night with John Hurt.

Prior to this role, Keith was a Research Associate for a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) where his research on the film industry was published in the International Journal on Media Management and The Journal of Innovation Impact.

Keith holds a Masters in Producing Film & Television from Bournemouth University. He is also a graduate of the Erich Pommer Institute, the London Film School and the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE).


What we are looking for

While there is no exact formula for a emerging director there are some qualities we are looking for.

A director must have a body of finished works in the form of short or micro-budget films. We would also consider directors that have a notable body of creative work in music videos or TV ads.

The film projects we are interested in signing don’t necessarily need to be set in the UK, however they do need to be able to be filmed here in the UK.

The film budgets we are looking for are in the range of £300,000 – £1,000,000.

It’s important to note that we are interested in the director and building a relationship with them over time.

If you believe you have a suitable project please submit the following

– Finished Script

– One page Synopsis with budget outline

– One page Director vision statement

– Links to previous work (vimeo with passwords)

Project Submission