June 1, 2017

Goldfinch SEIS Fund reopens



We are pleased to announce the Goldfinch SEIS Fund has reopened, allowing new investors to access a portfolio of 5-15 SEIS qualifying entertainment sector investments.

Goldfinch SEIS Fund targets early-stage investments in the entertainment space, building a diverse portfolio across TV, Film and Computer Games.  The Fund is now open for investment, offering income tax relief in 2017/18 and 2018/19, as well as carry back to 2016/17. Minimum investment is £10,000.

Why invest?

  • Diverse portfolio: 5-10 companies developing film, TV and video games
  • Targets projects with established intellectual property & commercial visibility
  • Experienced team: Goldfinch Entertainment has advised 82+ SEIS companies*
  • Target exit from mid-2021 onwards
  • Generous SEIS tax reliefs to help offset risk
  • Strong alignment of interests & clear fee structure
  • SEIS3 certificates have been returned within 7 months

About Goldfinch SEIS Fund:

Conveying 50% income tax relief and other tax relief benefits of Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), the Fund provides investors with a portfolio spread across the entertainment space. The Fund has a low cost fee structure, relative to other SEIS funds and the performance fee is taken on a portfolio basis.

The Fund is evergreen and remains open for investment. Subscriptions received before 30th March 2018 can convey income tax relief carryback to the 16/17 tax year.

Read the full announcement by Kin Capital here.

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