June 1, 2017

News, Projects and a New Look…


  A short but still sweet update from us here at  Goldfinch to keep you abreast of all the hard work going on here at 124 Finchley Road.

Interestingly sources have claimed £1billion was invested into EIS in 2013, a huge figure.

Of more note circa 50% of this went into Solar related projects….which are now unavailable.

For us this is fantastic news as we have a potential pool of £500mill to place into Goldfinch projects! Watch this space for more info on how Goldfinch offers a viable alternative to Solar in the next newsletter.

First up this week Goldfinch XXX our Michael Berliner project is fully funded, and will begin shooting on the 13th of October.  The pilot will be premiering at the London Film Festival next week, and for a sneak peak of the trailer please click the link above and follow the Vimeo link.

Fantastic news that we have an amazing project on board, ‘Heidi’, a trilogy to be filmed based on the cult children’s book series of the same name…this news is hot off the press and more info will follow in the next newsletter.

Another new project added to our ranks Goldfinch XXI or GF Australia, investing in a slate of Australian films produced by the legend Michael Robertson.  This is an innovative, first of its kind offering, and due to the Australian film tax credit considerably de-risked.

We are currently planning 2 seminars for the middle of November exclusively for invited investors and IFAs to learn more about GF, what we do and why it is so unique.  Official invites for this will go out in the next 2 weeks, if you have any one who you think will be interested please let us know.  However we stress that numbers are limited and the event is strictly for investors/IFAs.

Lastly, our project page has had a reorganisation to show you which projects have been fully funded, which have had their minimum raise achieved, and which are open for investment; making it easier for investors to asses their options and also view our track record.

After only 9 months we are closing in on £4million worth of funding over 23 projects!

  Thank you for your time, have a lovely rest of the week, and as ever do not hesitate to contact Ruth on ruth.erskine@nlpca.co.uk or 02074332922 for more info on projects or to learn more about what we are doing with Goldfinch as a whole.

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